or a momentary Cisco Certification mood catharsis, but a full examination of the draft reform after the formation of rational criticism. Well, this commitment to improving teaching and research level of Peking University draft reform why such arousing such doubts and opposition Perhaps even more surprising for the designers of reform is that many who are not personally challenged by the new system in their personal interests may even benefit from those who oppose Peking Universitys draft reforms. The new system envisaged in the draft reform advocates competition and hopes to break the ranks of seniority experts and provide opportunities for Wireless BYOD Specialist more outstanding young scholars to emerge. However, the Wireless BYOD Specialist it exam opposition to the fiercest opposition among Peking University departments, especially those who openly oppose objections is often the subject of various disciplines In the academic future of young scholars. The opposition of these outstanding young scholars can only be attributed to the lack of academic self-confidence or short-sightedness, which inevitably negate the ideological level of these scholars and underestimate the academic ethics of Chinese scholars. Moreover, many articles from this

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