ed at the separation. I can even imagine the look of hope and hopelessness in his eyes. I can not hear anymore I alone porcelain porridge blew for a while, see no response, consciously boring, my heart thought again Do not allow myself to be delayed in the dock, put porcelain birds into his arms, concentrate on the river approaching. With innate cleverness, I am like a loach in the gap between people and quickly drill forward. Around me, is a strong sweat smell. I myself sweat, sweat painful eyes. Several times the shoe was stepped off, I bent a few times to mention shoes, several times was almost stepped on. After squeezing, I really did not have the strength, the body was weakly clutched in the crowd, breathing open mouth, passively by the crowd to push me step by step to the river. Of course I boarded the river. After going up, I desperately drill up, has been drilling to the top. When I looked at the riverbank with the Windows Embedded help of a railing, I saw the crowds surging towards the river. I unloaded the lid, opened my clothes and let the wind blow. Commanding, overlooking the flow of people, my Windows Embedded it exam heart is full of pride, feel better Microsoft Certification than others. The activities of the ship to the river suddenly abrupt turn - the river has been overloaded and can no longer be carried. Not a while, the riverboat slowly left the pier in the siren. Looking at countless arms waving, I suddenly nervous Ma clear they did not know boarded the river d

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
070-582 Windows Embedded Standard 7 for Developers Microsoft Windows Embedded
70-582 Windows Embedded Standard 7 for Developers Microsoft Windows Embedded