d, as if not control their hands. His hand shook, seven knives violently swing, even standing in VPN and Security the VPN and Security it exam distance people can see clearly. Around the death of the general quiet. Seven knife swing around, as crazy dance, and issued a buzzing vibration sound. People are attentively watching the seven knives, just then, a mysterious green light rising from the ground outside the courtyard, as misty fog. Cisco Certification The green light gradually spread towards the altar direction, when the green light and seven knives linked together, forming a strange pattern, while the air waves from the strong whirlpool. Someone screams, then, high and low cries burst out from all directions. Rumble, bang bang The sky passed a lightning bolt, flashing green light. Along with the huge sound, as the prince inheritance ceremony carefully decorated pillars and articles are scattered to the ground, musicians are also one after another to break the instrument, smash. People scared wits, screaming and scurrying. Suddenly, the wood to be remembered a long time ago in the Soviet Union found that the top of the bronze incense burner. At this moment, in front of seven knives connected with each other to form a whirlpool of green light and then to the Fusu Mountain to lead the green dawn of exactly the same. The bron

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
642-511 VPN and Security Cisco Secure Virtual Private Networks (CSVPN) Cisco VPN and Security
642-541 VPN and Security Cisco SAFE Implementation Exam (CSI) Cisco VPN and Security
646-301 VPN and Security VPN/Security Cisco VPN and Security