a fist attack posture. Suddenly, I do not know where they came from a beggar dressed boy, one to seize each other s fists. So many people deal with a child, do not you feel ashamed What are you Just grab the Zhang collar collar guy angry, turned toward the beggar boy roared. This is not a small beggar Oh, really bad Now, the group of guys rushed to the beggar boy rushed up. Beggars juvenile quickly to the hands of the burden thrown to each other s face, causing the scene of confusion, and then stepped on both sides of the wall leap into the air, kicking to each other agile. The other party was his surprise attack done unprepared, before they have crossed the gods, beggar boy shouted on VCP the Zhang. Run Voice faded, Zhang ran with the beggars juvenile. The group of people angry furious, VCP it exam chasing a long time. They each turn into an alley, bolted for a long time, until a deserted intersection, no longer hear the footsteps of the back. Zhang panting around looking around. Just then, next to the alley came a in there At the same VMware Certification time, a burst of noisy footsteps came. Zhang went up, hidden in the corner quietly peep, beggars juveni

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
VCP-101V Infrastructure with ESX Server and VirtualCenter VMware VCP
VCP-310 VMware Certified Professional on VI3 VMware VCP
VCP-410 VMware Certified Professional on VI4 VMware VCP
VCP-411 VMware Certified Professional on VI4 VMware VCP
VCP310-UP-VCP410 VCP310 Update VCP410 VMware VCP
VCP410 VMware Certified Professional on VI4 VMware VCP
VCP411 VMware Certified Professional on VI4 VMware VCP