ng the beauty. Today, the Chinese University can also be organized accordingly. The academy today can not, of course, be as small as the one taught by J. Milton in his education of 150 Cambridge is still the same, but the great college has more than a thousand However, the scale of the academy can, after all, provide a more intimate environment for teachers and students. I think the smaller college offers more opportunities on the basis of regular contact with teachers and students so that teachers Unified Communications of different specialties can have dialogue among teachers so that there will be dialogue between teachers and students so that students of different disciplines can have dialogue. Dialogue is a regular and informal one. As a result, it Unified Communications it exam will naturally form a kind of knowledge-based, community-based and cultural communication. Not only is there more possibility for the academy to become an organic academic society And there is more possibility to help students develop their moral education. The moral education I refer to here refers to the students formation of character, not to the baptism of a narrow or arbitrary political or religious thought or doctrine. Martin Buber, a modern philosopher, Cisco Certification views education as being more in tune with Chinas tradition What really assigns to education, chiefly education of character. Young people develop their character i

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