Wang Wei one can no longer stay in literary propaganda team Why I asked. Have not you heard that He Xie Baisan looked around and lowered his voice and said, He sleeps with Lin Fang Ma Shuiqing dropped his fishing rod and listened. Xie Baisan said Lin Bing, you are a propaganda team, you still do not know You rehearsal the program at night, and sometimes to the clock, is not always Wang Wei - to send Fangcun go home Lin Fangjia about a mile from the town, to a very desolate place, The Open Group Certification at night, she was not alone - people go back. I said. Every day to send, send every day, to send something to it Where is where Liu Hanlin asked The Open Group it exam anxiously. Under the haystack. How do you know Liu Hanlin asked again. Xie Baisan said You asked Lin Bing, Lin Bing know. How do I know Xie Baisan said Did not tell you Tao Hui I picked up the fishing rod will poke Xie Baisan. Xie Baisan said Lin Fang pregnant it She and Tao Hui is a good friend, begging for the help of Tao Hui. Tao Hui asked for her. That doctor Zhu Zhu Daoxian bad, partial chasing Lin Fang and who slept, Lin Fang had to say The news came out. I said This is probably blind Biography Xie Baisan said Some time ago, Lin Fang said ill, did not come to the propaganda team to rehearse, is not it true - Reminder, I really believe it. How did that school know I asked. Xie Baisan said The news I do not know who told the saliva dragon.What the wind to The Open Group his ears, but also not to spread what people know The school Wang Wei - expelled

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
OG0-021 ArchiMate 2 Part 1 Examination The Open Group ArchiMate Certification
OG0-081 TOGAF 8 Certification for Practitioners The Open Group The Open Group Certification
OG0-091 TOGAF 9 Part 1 The Open Group The Open Group Certification
OG0-092 TOGAF 9 Part 2 The Open Group The Open Group Certification
OG0-093 TOGAF 9 Combined Part 1 and Part 2 The Open Group The Open Group Certification
OG0-9AB TOGAF 8 - 9 Advanced Bridge The Open Group The Open Group Certification
OG0-023 ArchiMate 2 Combined Part 1 and 2 The Open Group ArchiMate 2 Certified