go forward. Substation Automation it exam I jumped to the stern and immediately grabbed the rudder and reluctantly shifted the boat to the middle of the river. A while later, the boat went out to hundreds of meters, look back Ma Shui-ching, is the water to climb to the shore. I laughed. Ma Shuiqing figure gradually smaller, the ship opened into the back of the river. Water surface open up. I pulled a little helm, the boat will - the road east, the trees on both sides after the fall, ear windy, heart sudden and heroic atmosphere. This effect is really amazing. When in Tokyo, it was common to see stories of young runners on TV running the highway. They are in a line, as few as five or six people, as many as a dozen people, dozens of people, there are men and women, the ride - a senior motorcycle, pull the silencer, such as the arrow on the highway, such as light, Road whistling, unhurried, once in front of one person missed, it will - a pick - a hit together, dead, dead - string, but despite repeated prohibitions. Many people do not understand, but I thought it would be completely understandable when I thought about the feeling of driving a water pump on the water. I think they are like wearing bullets and bullets - as much as possible on the motorbike, so fast, especially in the corner, the car oblique, perspective changed, everything new, chic - spin, feel Substation Automation very uncomfortable, it is very enjoyable . This go for a ride Cisco Certification is a word that gives people a pleasant feeling. Former n

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
650-125 SAE Substation Automation for Engineers Cisco Substation Automation
650-126 SAAM Substation Automation for Account Managers Cisco Substation Automation