wo people scrape the scales, the same rhythm, his face is equally brilliant smile. Ye Wen began to stir, the fire everywhere, snow blossoming freshly behind her seasoning and kitchen utensils. Wood and other 4 people once again by the edge of the door, staring. Small beautiful Wow They are STS Storage Foundation for UNIX it exam so fit Exquisite dishes out of the plate, the new snow Symantec Certification over the disk end, one yard yards. Ye Wen the remaining oil fried into the utensils, a twist and just hit the wind and snow hit a new full, with Ye Wens scream, utensils were knocked over, hot oil dial out critical moment , Ye Wen opened a hand the other hand pushed Ye Wen. Noisy sound abrupt end, surrounded by a dead silence, the snow new face spasms. Ye Wen stunned. The snowstorm new right hand trembles, the hot oil drops continuously. Wood and other people heard the noise, all dumbfounded. New air crew crooked seven or eight sitting or lying on the field, Tian Xiaoxiao from Cai Yingxiong there to grab a piece of snow cake, creak cried ah, really fragrant Guo Jianping elbow Zhuizhe body lying sideways, staring at Tian Xiaoxiao A little success STS Storage Foundation for UNIX Not for a while can not ah People basketball bar dedicated to our package, we should respect others, wait patiently Tian Xiaoxiao looked at the coach, snow cake in the mouth but could not chew down. Guo Jianping looked down and stared at Cai Yingxiongs snow bread bag Give me

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
ST0-248 Symantec Storage Foundation 6.1 for UNIX Technical Assessment Symantec STS Storage Foundation for UNIX