be possible to condemn Dialogue alone with these recordings. Fred Joseph always said he wanted proof of Lexars illegal activities and now he can listen to STS Messaging Gateway it exam the recordings himself. In all these recording dialogues, two were impressed by the prosecutors. The two dialogues stand out not only because they have the value of evidence which, if taken out alone, can not be evidence of a crime, but also because they reveal a state of mind prevailing on Wall Street in the 1980s . One of the conversations was STS Messaging Gateway between Freeman and Zazaki. Freeman has a nostalgic tone Symantec Certification in his speech. He told Zazige he recently traveled to Atlantic City and said he loved to go to Las Vegas when he was young, but he does not like it now. Its no longer fun, and I think Im too long in this business, he said. I used to take advantage. The second conversation took place between Zajazi and Neuburg in Beverly Hills of. After arranging a fake deal, Neuberger told Zazeki You are a dishonest guy. You taught me that, buddy. Zazaki replied, Hey, listen, fool Neuberger interrupted Zazzeg and laughed mockingly Welcome to the world of this liar. Despite continued scandals, the bull market of the 1980s continued. On May 12, 1986, the day Levin was arrested, the Dow Jones Industrial Average exceeded 1800 points. Few people have seen the ominous signs of the arrest of Levon. By the time Buschky agreed to plead guilty, the Dow

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