istan Have a burst of crisp sound. Goofy was shocked. New snow Then Im welcome, I first ah. Fly nodded. Snow and ice to find an abandoned paint cans, - He sprayed the red paint on his palm, like blood. Ye Wen side looked fly, my heart whispered stupid Where are your opponents ah High-flying eyesight perseverance, lunges, left hand Qiaoxia, right arm held high, posing, like a morning exercise of the elderly. Ye Wen What are you doing Goofy explained Oh, I can not warm-up ah Ye Wen Do not look out the line, all look at you. She readily STS Enterprise Vault for Exchange pull, fly lost center of gravity , Almost fell. The game is about to start, all four people are nervously staring at the rebounds. Luo Mingmin affectionate snow a new look Do not forget you said, this may not be shy ah. Luo Minmin blushing, a look back at him, turned to look elsewhere. Snow began to run a new start, toward the rebound, leaping high snapped His hand heavily on the rebound, leaving a Symantec Certification red handprint on the rebound, the red handprint higher than the basket full STS Enterprise Vault for Exchange it exam of 15 cm. Ye Wen, Luo Minmin, Goofy surprised to see the red handprint on the rebound, and open his mouth. when A can of blue paint cans smashed on his head, flying over his head and looked back, the snow blazed him pointing to the paint pot on the ground The you Goofy picked up the paint cans, shaking, I sprayed the paint on my palm. He looked at the rebound, adjust his br

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
ST0-306 Symantec Enterprise Vault 11.x Technical Assessment Symantec STS Enterprise Vault for Exchange