it Increases intelligence, intuition, and sensitivity by developing perceptual capabilities. 9 Why intuition than reasoning Because intuition does not depend on experience or memory, and often through some of the ways we know nothing to solve the problem. 10 Symantec Certification For the symbolic symbol of the ontology, what is the result When they catch up, they are usually STS Cluster Server for UNIX it exam found to be obscure, because the symbolic symbol is only the external form of inner mental activity. Therefore, unless we can have the spirit of the body, otherwise, the external form is always to naughChapter XVIII Questions and Answers 1 How is the STS Cluster Server for UNIX difference in individual life measured By measuring the talents that are manifested in their lives. 2 individuals through the obedience of what the law, to be able to control other forms of intelligence Through the cognitive self is the universe of individualized wisdom. 3 What is the source of creativity Is the universe 4 How does the universe create external forms Through the individual 5 What is the connection between the individual and the universe Is thoug

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