time to time, pointing out to me that there is a hare in ten steps from me. All of these details did not escape my father s eyes, he can not because I look calm and was deceived in the past. He knew perfectly well that no matter how much my heart was blown, one day there would be a terrible and possibly dangerous reaction, and he tried to disguise himself as much SDI Certification as SDI it exam he could comfort me. My sister, of course, did not know the secret, but she could not understand why I have always been a pleasant and cheerful people suddenly suddenly become so unhappy, preoccupied. Sometimes I was sadly sad, suddenly found my father looked at me worried, I reached out and shook his hand, seems to be silent in asking him to forgive me can not give him the pain. A month passed, but I can no longer stand it. Marguerite s image has been haunted in my mind, I used to love this woman now, cannot suddenly put her behind, I either love her, or hate her, especially Whether it is to love her or hate her, I must see her again, and to see her immediately. I had this idea in my heart to firmly root, this tenacious will in my lifeless SDI body inside re emerged. This is not to say that I want to see Marguerite in the future, a month later or a week later, but I will see her the very next day I have this idea I tell my father about me To leave

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