The car runs over the dust, straight gas, we also sing no effort. Nantong arrived in the evening. Numerous Jiangbei team in Nantong pool together, all from here across the river. This town is almost crowded on the waterfront. However, the team must be here - Nantong Port is the gateway to Jiangnan. Calling them to lead our tired team to stay overnight, all reception stations said they were powerless to SUN Certification welcome again. Went to the night at ten oclock, we found a small house in a secondary school. There is no bed in this house, only the floor paved with straw. Because only - room, boys and girls tonight can only sleep in the same room. In the face of such an unexpected fact, I am not sure at all what I felt at that time. Zhao Ping said There is a faucet across the street, we took a towel to go out - rub the face, and then quickly opened the quilt to sleep. Tao Hui was born in a doctors family. His father, Tao Guochi, is the dean of the Yau Ma Tei town hospital. She naturally loves cleanliness than ordinary girls and scrubs carefully for long periods under the tap. I sweat a SCJD lot today, covered in slimy, intend to scrub - under myself, stood aside, waiting for her to run out of water. She probably felt finally scrubbed off, untangled the braid, and fluffed her hair for the moment when the hair was fluffy, one feels like a black flower is open under the light. She rubbed her hair SCJD it exam over and over again with a towel for a while, then gently shook h

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