thics. At this point, when Mr. Cai Yuanpei was running Peking University, he SAS Foundation was well aware of this division. In his A-linqin Nan book, he proposed two kinds of ideas that he should run in universities. First, he adopted the doctrine of universality and imitated the universality of universities in the world and followed the principle of freedom of thought. No matter what kind of school, Gouxiyanzhi reason, hold it, not yet reached the destiny of the natural elimination meaning it is still of academic value, without scientific proof of its fallacy. Although the opposite of each other , But listen to their free development. Second, for teachers, SAS Foundation it exam mainly to learn Yi. Lecture at school, with no back in the first kind of proposition as a boundary. Their comments outside the school, listen to freedom. Our school has never asked, nor can it assume its responsibility. For example, reprisalism, republican exclusion also, faculty, there are braided and holding up the restorationist who, with its grant SASInstitute Certification of British literature, and political nothing, then listen. As a sponsor of the Security Council, and as a purported criminal, others in our school also listen to ancient Chinese literature as they are entitled, without any reference to politics. Prostitution and prostitution and other things, the club into t

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