cratches of different points of interest, but Lyme saw it at a glance. Look, Ruijie it exam what is that He pondered. That line. Above this fingerprint, there was a vague crescent mark. Looks like Right, Lyme said, is her fingernails, and usually we will not notice, but I bet he must be sure well pick it up and leave a mark on it Such as scratches. Why did he do that Shakes asked. Lyme is angry again. No one seems to grab the key as fast as he does. He simply explained He wants to tell us two things first, he wants to remind us again that the victim Ruijie is a woman, if we have not linked her with the body of the Ruijie Certification morning. Why Increase the stakes, Lyme said, making us even more anxious.He deliberately let us know there is a woman who is in danger.He evaluated the value of the victim - just like us, even if we do not Found, he said. He dusted some longwave UV powder and then illuminated it with the strong light from the Perry lamp, a fingerprint clearly visible in the center of the stone. Cooper took the picture with a 1 1 Polaroid CU-5 Polaroid camera and took the picture to Lyme. Get closer, Lyme squinted. Its good, its up. The rotating fingerprint left behind by rotating a finger on an objects surface is different from that left by a

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
C8311 C8311 Ruijie Ruijie certification
RUIJIE C8311 Ruijie C8311 Ruijie Ruijie certification
RUIJIE-C8311 Ruijie C8311 Ruijie Ruijie certification