ribution of disciplines and education. Many basic disciplines Encountered the cold and contempt. The reason why this phenomenon will become an irresistible popular trend of thought is also related to the one-sided emphasis on the convergence of Chinas and the worlds development trends. This also includes the guiding principle of the returnees that are currently playing a role in the reform of university education. RES Software Certification Returnees have some knowledge of running a school in the West, but it should also be said that most of these knowledge are perceptual and one-sided, without the test of practice in China. When the returnees lacked basic sympathy for the status quo in Chinas education and were anxious to establish many unrealistic plans for reform that were based on their position, the problem became even more serious. China must follow the trend of world development based on the maintenance and development of national interests in the future competition. We must take into account the inheritance and development of the humanistic tradition of national culture and the self-interest and the nation in the global economic system If we do not take this major strategy into account, RAMCP 2011 it exam our independent ideology will not be a deliberate act of doubt as to whether or not education under the slogan of keeping in line with RAMCP 2011 the world should train personnel for which country. Based on this understanding, we can le

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