I first saw such a beautiful girl Quality it exam Where the road seems lost soul, staring at the direction of the disappearance of girls to himself. Zhang was so calmly, turned away. At this time, he saw something on the ground shining. It is a gold earrings, the middle of the size of the tears inlaid Quality with jade, look small andexquisite. It must have been the thing the girl had left. Zhang quickly picked up, into the sleeves. The two boys went to the free market in front of the market. It is Zhang favorite place, gathered in the Western Regions businessmen and local merchants of special products, and can immediately trade, but also display and sale of royal souvenirs. Today, the trading floor is Software Certifications Certification also crowded, with the Western Region business groups and officials responsible for the supply of royal goods, as well as the appreciation of local specialty people, the trading floor packed, even a settled place are not. Trade corner corner of the tent inside, stood a man, he knew the two teenagers. Seeing the two of them coming, the little eyed man gave a startled expression to them. Oh, it is you The last time they come to sell the metal crafts produced by the mortal, the man take the initiative to close to two children, the things bought. Today you are also to sell things Man quietly blinked his eyes and asked. Where the r

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