pting murder. Later, Qin Qichang got his hint of Du Changming, insisting that the bunch of grenades had not been returned to the Photoshop Certified Expert arsenal in a timely manner after the Photoshop Certified Expert it exam militia exercises but brought back the dwellings. Du Changming people to prove. The nature of the incident dropped from murder to violation of discipline. Even so, Qin Qichang was still called by the County Peoples Armed Police Department and was locked up for his review. Later, it was reported that Qin Qichang could have been promoted to the position of Minister of Armed Forces in the town, but now Adobe Certification it is no longer possible. Not only that, I am afraid that militia officers can not hold the job, there may be fired from office. Ten days later, Qin Qichang returned to Yau Ma Tei town, a good hair dropped without one, leaving only an absolute bald was frightened, the future gloomy, nervous disorder, the night ghost shaved head, gave him a inch Do not leave. He was suspended there for six months, and later took into account that he led the militia training can be hard-working, gun law, before resuming his militia officer duties. Since then, he no longer mentioned divorce, that wife did not dare to come to Yau Ma Tei town, but every month in the city home waiting for Qin Qichang sen

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