nd unified. This means that the creative energy is absolutely Pega CSA it exam For infinity, it is not bound by any precedent, and thus there is no Pega CSA constructive principle can be applied in the first Paradigm. 26. We know that the subconscious will respond to our conscious consciousness, which means that the universe is infinite Of the creative energy in the individual consciousness of the individual being in control. 27. In the following course, Pegasystems Certification we will put this principle into practice. At this point we had better remember, do not Busy summarizing the subconscious way to achieve the results you want. Unlimited ability without limited ability to inform How it works. You just need to simply say what you want, not how you want to implement it. 28. You are the channel of the universe, the chaos of the universe in you to be differentiated, this differentiation is through possession To achieve. You only need to add the cause to the result you want, and you can drive the whip. This As a result, the universe can only be achieved by individuals, and individuals can only be achieved through the universe both Forone. 29. In this week s exercise, I want you to go further. I hope you can not only completely silent down, As far as possible reined in the reins of thought, but also to relax, let the muscles to maintain normal state. This will go from The spirit of which expelled all the pressure to eliminate those will lead to physical fatigue of

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PEGACSA71V1 Certified System Architect (CSA) 71V1 Pegasystems Pega CSA