flow down the chin along the cheek, pat Pat Hit NI Certification on the camera in your hand. Ramen Museum, Guo Jianping ate the noodles The speed advantage of flying has become more and more obvious, and NI LabVIEW it exam if he can cooperate with the new snowstorm, the combination of the speed of flying and the new technology of the wind and snow will certainly power Infinity, we can call it Blizzard combination. Luo Minmin is also eating, listening looked up Blizzard combination Guo Jianping Yes. Luo Minmin pondered ah, but these two people are not easy to come together. Guo Jianping Not necessarily, yesterday you noticed that the move that Goofy turned dribbling extraordinary Luo Minmin ah, I also feel very strange how Is it Snow Protestant to him Guo NI LabVIEW Jianping smile without a word. Snow into the dormitory hallway snow, I saw Ye Wen carrying insulation tube into the stairs, he thought, quickly ran to the elevator press the button, got into the elevator. When Ye Wen panting out of the stairs gas, looking up and found the snow has long been standing on the stairs, waiting for her for a long time. Ye Wen scared turned to go to the stairs, followed by chasing the snow followed. Stairs come a mess of footsteps. Ye Wenfei quickly run downstairs, snow followed. A gust of wind ran downstairs, suddenly, footsteps disappeared, surrounded by a quiet. In a corner of the stairs, Ye Wen was caught, the snow two new hands clutching the wall, Ye Wen stuck in his arm between the arms. Two people close

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
200-900 Certified TestStand Developer NI NI LabVIEW
CLA-R Certified LabVIEW Architect Recertification Exam NI NI LabVIEW
CLD-R Certified LabVIEW Developer - Recertification Examination NI NI LabVIEW