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Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
920-124 NNCDS -Ethernet Switching Exam Nortel NCDS
920-125 NNCDS Succession BCM 3.0 Exam Nortel NCDS
920-136 NCDS - Ethernet Switching Solutions Nortel NCDS
920-141 NNCDS-Communication Server(cs)1000 release 4.0 Nortel NCDS
920-165 NCDS-Contact Center Ris.6.0 Exam Nortel NCDS
920-203 Passport 7000/15000 Nortel NCDS
920-209 NCDS-Multiservice Switch 7400/15000/20000 Nortel NCDS
920-242 Nncds-contivity vpn switch Nortel NCDS
920-256 Nortel VPN Router Ris.7.0 Solutions(NCDS) Nortel NCDS