were in my mind, flashing and flashing, and my heart was taken aback by the scenes. I got up, towards the water - the block then - the block hit the clay, there will be on the surface - layers and layers of corrugated. Another piece of clay flew away, flying toward a passing wooden row, and happened to fall in the wok in front of the wok, the gruel stirred inside, palm row to scold You this little hybrid I saw it was an old man, immediately shut up You the old hybrid The old man said You little bastard standing there He used the bamboo shovel to shore ashore, but that Wood is very cumbersome, it is difficult to be caught by the shore. I was shouting on the shore so hard Stamina I am standing here waiting And picked up a piece of mud smashed over, stimulated the old man a splash. That old man anxious eyes, throwing bamboo sticks, even jumped into the water, toward shore travel. I deliberately sat down, like a lover who was sitting on the edge of Microsoft Dynamics AX it exam a swimming pool watching the swimming of lovers, watching the aged and funny image of him swimming in the water, smiling at him with hesitations until he swam to shore Just climb up and run. Old man ashore, slip - wrestling, I turned my head and laughed. The old man scolded little bastard Side up. I ran away and ran until the Microsoft Certification old man completely lost the confidence to catch up. At that time, I was on the edge of the school basketball court. A Microsoft Dynamics AX basketball just roll ov

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
MB6-704 Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU8 Development Introduction Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics AX