as been lost and the community no longer recognized by the people can hardly retain its previous centripetal effort, it will be hard to reassure people with their unspoken sacrifices and the automatic dedication of spiritual habits Robert Bela , This is a Chuang-chih when the alert for the movement - Chak into a chaos death. Of course, our university is no exception in this respect because it is also a specific community, so lets review the Declaration of Responsive Communitarians - We all belong to various interdependent overlaps Communities. If you live outside these communities, you will not be able to survive for a long time and your personal freedom will not last long. Whatever community, its members will not last long if they do not pay attention and devote their energies and resources to a common cause Survival, the mere pursuit of private interests will erode the system of social environment upon which we depend and will undermine our experiment in democratic autonomy. The above doctrine has taught us that Microsoft Database it exam reform, Microsoft Database Microsoft Certification as a complex and systematic project, must be clarified by the simple cost accounting of economists. If the path to reform was really one-way, then even if it succeeded in keeping with what one expected, it was likely to create a terrible and passive situation in which any individual who could stand still in college Be regarded as a success in the fierce competition, bu

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