d business manager transactions. He built the largest compliance department on Wall Street at Merrill Lynch, with a staff of 75. Drew is a lawyer who has spent 14 years trading audits on the New Mcse2000 TO Mcse2003 Upgrade it exam York Stock Exchange and joined Merrill Lynch in Mcse2000 TO Mcse2003 Upgrade 1981. He worked closely with another colleague, Roberto Romano, to investigate insider trading. Romano served as federal prosecutor at the Microsoft Certification SECs law enforcement office. Despite the typos and grammatical mistakes in the letter, the word insider trading drew Drews alert. He also caught the rest of the letter, from which he deduced that the writers native language was not English but knew better about the situation, knew of a compliance department, knew the brokers account, and knew Frank Granner Dos is Merrill Lynch Latin America manager. Merrill Lynch brokers are required to do business through the company, so Drew can be found Hoff and Suprarage personal account records. The two were indeed brokers of Merrills office in Caracas, Venezuela, but their trading activity was not extensive. However, they have four or five trading stocks were purchased before the sudden soaring stock

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