ying rolling twice, the result MECP Certifications rolled to the concrete floor. Guo Jianping Three, through the low net 4 players smoothly bow through the low net, and fly as fast as possible, his head inadvertently entangled net, fell to the ground, followed by four wooden crashed crooked inverted. Goofy caught captives are generally struggling with the web. Guo Jianping Four, back down the bar The team members carefully back along the S line around the three vertical rod, without MECP Certifications it exam a missed, high flying also successfully completed, his speed was almost twice faster than others. Guo Jianping The last one, take a balloon layup Remember, when the jump basket to shout out stick. The team members hold a variety of small balloons, layup in various positions, mostly Smoothly completed, only dumped a few times before the balloon dumped into the basket, and even shouted several times, insisted. It was a turn for the better, and he was prepared to act like a jumper, leaning back, his left foot tiptoe, his hands on the balloons and his eyes on the basket. Guo Jianping Luo Minmin could not help but turn their gaze to him. Goofy rushed to the bottom of the high-speed rebounds, he leapt up his left hand high basket insist The balloon is about to touch the ring for a moment, balloon burst. Feeling impatient to sit on the ground, watching the balloon crushed rubber slowly fall on the MECP Certification thigh. Luo Minmin sighed. Guo Jianping smi

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
M30-100 Basic Installer MECP MECP Certifications
M30-200 Advanced Installation Technician MECP MECP Certifications
M30-300 Master Installation Technician exam MECP MECP Certifications
M30-400 Mobile Product Specialist (MPS) MECP MECP Certifications