to say, you can not finish the training task today. Goofy Coach, I can Guo Jianping Is it You just completed 96 times, still 54 times worse, he can not practice, you have to complete double, that is, 108 times Flying dribble shock in everyones heart. 87 88 The players are flirting with Goofy. David bravely rushed to Guo Jianping side This is not fair, coach Goofy from last night has been practiced this morning, you also let him add 108 Luo Minmin and Guo Jianping are heard Yi Zheng, however, Jian-Ping Guo immediately Has returned to indifference. 98 Go There are 10 times There are 10 times Come on Xiaoguang also woke up to cheer up. Everyone shouted, flies and crashing to the ground. Guo Jianping look at the table Well Todays training is here. He see everyone does not move how Not practice enough The team members reluctantly left. Luo Minmin went flyy Microsoft Certification side, Guo Jianping rushed to her shouting Let him alone Luo Minmin look at him, had to leave. The pitch dark, faint you can see the fly still lying in the middle of the stadium, motionless. Ramen Museum, Luo Minmin looked out the MCSE: Messaging it exam window, worried He must have been lying there yet. Guo Jianping eating ramen Do not control him. Luo Minmin stood up, Guo Jianping sit down Luo Minmin sat down You can MCSE: Messaging not treat my team Guo Jianping drank a soup Who said you Team members They are all my team members The darkn

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70-385 Recertification for MCSE: Messaging Microsoft MCSE: Messaging