had to worship Duncan, Duncan you know You silly really a bit like Duncan. High Fly I do not like other people say I am silly. Girl Nonsense, who likes to say that they are stupid But how do you look like a clever ah, what is your name Goofy Thats the name of the dog How MCSE: Communication it exam can one call the name of the dog Goofy Who are you talking about Girl In Disneys animation, Goofy is the name of a dog Goofy Right Whats your name Girl Im a gecko. Goofy Gecko Your name Ye Hao Microsoft Certification strange ah. Gecko When I was a kid, there was a gecko in my MCSE: Communication room, lying silently on the ceiling. For years now, I and I often looked at it silently, thinking I had a lot of words to talk to and became an old friend. Looks ugly, but you pay attention to its eyes, you will find that it looks good and good Look around Some people come to see you Gecko Only my grandfather, but I do not want to see He. Look, he took me three months to translate it for myself. Goofy took the thread she had handed Oh Translate to you alone Beat the Self Gecko Its hard to write a how optimistic AIDS patients upward trend, Goofy turned the book I think your grandfather is good to you, how much effort it takes ah Do not talk about him My friend said hello She approached the bird cage, She calls Magnolia. Flying toward the brother brother magnolia Oh You can really name magnolia, hello Looking at him for a while, suddenly spoke Your uncle Flying

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
70-384 Recertification for MCSE: Communication Microsoft MCSE: Communication