s, so Xu Jun, and pro-peoples cause, Xu also laid its foundation. University of the road, in the Mingde, Xinmin, industry in the best. Perfection of the world that is unspeakable, regardless of their homes and homes, however Ming Ming and Xinmin two purposes is not difficult to understand and implement. However, as we have seen above, in todays university education, on the one hand, we understand that there is still plenty to do and that there are still some problems in our education. For example, , Its lack of effort to have two ends. I do not do everything, the ineffective, is todays university education must also be, University solution for the sake of. Luo Jia Lun I think the spirit of a university, it is best for future generations of educational and cultural historians to write. However, Microsoft Certification some people think that there was still no record of people at that time, and the descendants of the historians lacked quite a virtue. Others said that although peoples observation at that time was not as crystal clear as that of the Mirror Taiwan, there were no human understandings or anti-thoughts at the time. I advise people to focus on modern MCSE2000 it exam history, naturally can not deny this MCSE2000 remark, there is no need to argue. I am a man of history and am willing to faithfully write my understanding and rebellion about Peking Universitys spirit. I do not want to exaggerate, and no use of its protection, but these understanding and anti

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70-217 Implementing and Administering a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure Microsoft MCSE2000
70-220 Designing Security for a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Microsoft MCSE2000