Shen Yinmo, Chen Duxiu and Xia Yuanxuan became the basic personnel groups that Cai Yuanpei initially ruled at Peking University. Among them were Zhejiang fellow Shen Yinmo and Tang Erh and MCSA: Windows 10 two major figures who greatly influenced Cai Yuanpei in employing them. Although not a member of Peking University, Tang and his appointment and resignation in Chen Duxiu played a key role in the reshuffling of Cai Yuanpei after the May Fourth Movement and in the changes of principal personnel such as Jiang Menglin acting as the principal. MCSA: Windows 10 it exam It is yet to be seen how Toms mind and vision are. Shen Yinmo has always been an ordinary professor at Beijing University. Microsoft Certification However, Tai Yans disciples Shen Yinmo, Ma Youyu, Lu Xun, Qian Xuan Tong, and Liu Bannong, etc. who have taken him as the core figure occupied the mainstream of Peking University before the main campus of Cai Yuanpei. Into the school after its position has been further consolidated Shen Shen Shen Shen, I and Peking University. However, the fundamental difference between Cai Yuanpeis practice and that of the former headmaster of academic-political poli

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