craved even more thirst for pills and spirits than Lincoln Lyme. Lying in the pits excavated by the gangster in her own backyard, Shakesh felt the pressure of fertile soil, thick and buggy soil, a little over her body. Out of a perverted psychology, gangster buried her at an extremely slow Linux Essentials rate, shoveling a Lpi Certification little into shallow soil at one time, and carefully patting her around with a shovel back. He buried under her feet, and is now almost buried in her chest. The soil slides into her bathrobe, wrapping her breasts around her lovers fingers. The soil is getting heavier and heavier, and the pressure is constantly increasing. Her lungs are tightly cuffed, breathing only a little bit of Linux Essentials it exam air at each breath. The man stopped only once or twice, looked at her, and then continued to work. He likes to watch Her hands were pressed under her body, only her neck was tightened, trying to raise her head beyond the rising soil. Her chest was completely buried, then the soil covered her shoulder again, her throat. The cold earth fell on the warmth of her face, slipped down around her head, filling the gap so her head would never move again. Finally, he bent down and ripped the tape from her mouth. Shakes mouth is about to scream, a big shovel of soil just fell on her face, she shiver a bit, the throat was black clay. She felt her ears buzzing, but for no reason at this moment, at this moment she actually heard an old song familiar to her in her infancy, the greenery of summer

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
010-150 Entry Level Linux Essentials Certificate of Achievement Lpi Linux Essentials