by the Chinese students in Dewey. Therefore, we can say that the debate between humanism and experimentalism in Chinas university education is inevitable and normal. At the time, only the Southeast IoT Manufacturing Systems Engineer University had Babbitt disciples neo-humanism and Deweys disciples experimentalism dispute. The spirit of science and the attitude of seeking truth are the foundation of experts and scholars. This is sanctified in German university education. In 1794, Fichte wrote in his book, The Scholars Mission The true mission Cisco Certification of the scholarly class a high degree of attention to the actual process of human development in general, and the constant promotion of such processes. He sees not only the immediate and simultaneous Also saw the future not only did he see the current ground and see where mankind should now go-in the sense that scholars are human keepers. In 1919, Max Weber IoT Manufacturing Systems Engineer it exam influenced generations of famous lectures on behalf of young students Academic Career and Politics at the University of Munich in Germany. Max Weber reinforced and developed Fichtes view of the scholarly mission. Distinguish between scholars and politician

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