good, Cisco Certification speed and power are Is a first-rate. In addition his long legs, big feet, is playing a candidate for the center, but coordination in general. Luo Minmin We are the center of Li Xiaoguang, David hit a small forward. Guo Jianping looked at holding a balloon Li Xiaoguang layup Li Xiaoguang just suitable for playing small forward, he can IP Communications be seen running from the awareness of his interspersed should be good, very flexible IP Communications it exam footwork by the defensive transfer ability and pressed the defense Its good, but hes physically and stamina is a problem. Luo Minmin Liu Liang He is now playing the attacking guard. Guo Jianping shook his head not suitable. Attack guard should have a strong sense of fast break, Breakthrough ability, COSCO investment technology is good from the body coordination shown by him, he is more suitable for playing power forward. Luo Minmin Then you said let fly play attack guard Jian-Ping Guo Goofy He would not play at all. Luo Minmin But he bounces very powerful, fast Guo Jianping It t

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
642-104 Unified Communication for System Engineers Exam Cisco IP Communications
642-143 Communications IP Telephony Express Exam Cisco IP Communications
642-144 IP Telephony Express(IPTX) Cisco IP Communications
642-162 IP Contact Center Express Implementation Exam Cisco IP Communications
642-414 Communications Telephony Design Exam Cisco IP Communications
642-415 Unified Communications Architecture and Design Cisco IP Communications
642-436 Cisco Voice over IP (CVOICE) Cisco IP Communications
644-141 IP Communications CallManager Express Exam (CME) Cisco IP Communications
646-229 IP Communications Advanced Account Manager Cisco IP Communications