e with Yershita that universities should have creative cultural life besides research and teaching. In fact, first-rate universities, especially those with a long history, are Cisco Certification nurturing a culture of life both consciously and unconsciously. Oxford and Cambridge are known all over the world. Even Harvard, Yale, Heidelberg, Tokyo Imperial University, and Peking University in the past are all living beyond their intellectual life and have rich cultural life. Cultural life often determines the style of IPS Express Security Account Manager it exam the university, often affecting the temperament of students. Cultural life is simply to have a culture of life. The term culture as used here refers to the culture of non-cultural anthropology, but refers to a literary temperament, IPS Express Security Account Manager life style and cultural lifestyles. In this cultural life, luxury can not have a copper smelly, simple and plain but not dirty rude. Newman may be right, the university is not the birthplace of the poet, but if a university can not provoke some poetic reveries of young people and some contemplation of human issues, then the lack of contagion at this university is beyond doubt . The formation of a universitys cultural li

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