A few days later, to the literary performance. Zhao - Liang, I no longer hope. I went to Yau Ma Tei town literary propaganda team rahqin, at least you can get back a little self-esteem, but also to send this - another - a tough day. I agreed - Xu Yulong agreed, and in the normal rehearsal, but also to Xu - Long home practice with him two erhu solos. He will have a erhu solo program that day, asking me to help him pull the bow. Three days before the show, I was playing poker in the dorm room with Ma Shuiqing and Xu Chaoyuan came to me and said, Zhao - Liang asked me to call you back to the band Rahu Qin. My hand trembled. Xu Chao Yuan stood at the IBM Certification door waiting for me to answer. I do not want to pull the violin, I said. Xu Chao-yuan said Zhao - Liang two days sick at home, he told Shao Qiping teacher, only you can pull the main Hu. Finish, left. I am heavy and hit a card, and finally could no IBM System it exam longer bear, IBM System caught the violin, back to the school literary propaganda team. Zhao - Liang really did not come to the propaganda team, his position is empty, apparently left to me. I was so decent back to school literature and inf

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000-076 IBM System x Sales IBM IBM System
000-076-CN System x Sales V5 IBM IBM System
000-076CHINESE System x Sales V5 IBM IBM System
000-SS1 IBM Systems Software Sales Mastery V1 IBM IBM System
000-SS2 IBM Systems Software Technical Sales Mastery V1 IBM IBM System
000-Z02 IBM System z Solution Editions Technical Mastery Test IBM IBM System