acher is good or not. Good university teachers should also generally be excellent scholars, but such standards can not be absolute and formalistic. The requirements of the university teachers should be divided into grades, treatment should be distanced, for teaching and research posts outstanding teachers should be given a high honor and more generous treatment, by them to undertake the task of academic leaders. However, universities always need ordinary teaching staff, can only undertake teaching in class, and do not necessarily have to do any scientific projects. For ordinary teachers, it is not IBM Security Systems it exam necessary to force them IBM Security Systems to waste a great deal of time, energy and even money. University teacher assessment system is a very complex phenomenon, well done can mobilize the enthusiasm, let the teachers serve their duties, the teaching and research are done to do the same thing is the easiest, IBM Certification but also the most economical, that is, what teachers are required As a result, nothing is done. I said th

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