ld, priest, I said to him. He was in the patient s room did not last long, he came out, said to me She was a sinner when she was alive, but she would die like a Christian. Before long he came back. He was accompanied by a choir s child, carrying a crucifixion in his hand, and walking in front of them, a church servant, shaking the bell, indicating that God came to the deathbed Of the home. The three of them walked into the bedroom, in the past heard in this room are some strange language, and now the room has become a holy altar. I HP Sales Certified it exam knelt, and I do not know how long this scene would last but I do not believe that there had ever been anything in the world that had impressed me so much. The priest, on the feet of the dying man, smeared the oil on his hands and forehead, and recited a short passage, and HP Sales Certified Marguerite prepared for it. If God saw her suffering and holiness when she died, she No doubt can be into heaven. Since then she did not say a word, did not do an action, if I did not hear her breathing, I have HP Certification many times thought she was dead. February 20 at 5 pm everything is over. 2. Marguerite entered the dying state at two

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