t year, young people do not have a way out, want to be a lot of soldiers, physical examination stuffed young people. I looked over - a naked examination, that big house, dozens of people are fine body moving around. Among them, a lot of strong. I would like to, Ma Shuiqing too thin, may be no problem. Unexpectedly, those strong, not high blood pressure, that is, liver, but his body is not the slightest problem. The Navys physical H3C Certification demands were much harsher than the Army, and he actually qualified. In the last days, I am inseparable from both. The school arranged graduation ceremonies and farewell arrangements on the same day. The morning is a graduation ceremony, the afternoon is the time to set off their departure. That day the ship did not carry passengers, parked on the pier. The new paint was painted on the boat, the green was dazzling, and a lot of safflower was H3C Others Certification decorated, creating a spring atmosphere. More than three oclock in the afternoon, on the bridge, stood on the pier a lot of people looked at those passing boats stopped, ready to see some of this boring winter event. Four oclock, a military recruiter came over. As a result, percussion, the primary school literary propaganda team, those red-painted little boys and girls started dancing and singing red silk dance. The loudspeakers at the radio station let the people in the town hear the song of the first year of the year that they wanted to sing Mother H3C Others Certification it exam relaxed, mother did not worry, honorable military service, but t

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
GB0-500 Implementing Secure Firewalls H3C H3C Others Certification
GB0-520 Building Secure Virtual Private Networks H3C H3C Others Certification
GB0-521 Building Secure Virtual Private Networks H3C H3C Others Certification
GB0-540 Advanced Intrusion Prevention System Configuration H3C H3C Others Certification
GB0-561 Secure Firewalls & Advanced Intrusion Prevention System H3C H3C Others Certification
GB0-800 Huawei-3Com Certified internet Expert:Routing and Switching H3C H3C Others Certification
HSE-VIDEO HSE-Video H3C H3C Others Certification
HSE-VS HSE-Video Surveillance H3C H3C Others Certification