position PENG Tao and the bald oriental giant started to get angry, turn layup, continuous score. Luo Shijie worried looking at the bench Luo Minmin, he took out a cell phone press a bunch of buttons. Luo Minmins cell phone rang, she opened, see above shows defensive leaks, you must use the area pressed on defense, defending each other Ericsson it exam on the 9th Luo Minmin Dad She looked blankly at the noisy auditorium. Scoreboard shows Oriental giant and new air battle into 4536. Wood The first half is over, Ericsson we have to prepare delivery package, and walk. He took the little beauty to go out. The end of the first half, the scoreboard shows Oriental Giants to 5843 leading the new air team 15 points. In the lounge, four players sat depressed in their chairs. Luo Minmin stood in front of them Ericsson Certification Never mind, we absolutely can catch up Snow walked around the closet Are not men ah Is playing or tai chi He glanced at the corner Wei, I will not pass on to others, do not be alone David Tengkai kicked a chair up and stood up What do you mean The snow walked past Is not it satisfied Luo Minmin and players are busy pulling the two, struggling more wardrobe was crooked. Sun Lei found what, in the past will be more wardrobe opened. At this time, the new snow found in the locker on a black round sheet of goods. The wind and snow in the past will be pulling a black wafer, furiously directed at the black wafer roared Deng Guangming, you mean shameless bastard

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
ED0-001 Ericsson msc/bsc competence exam Ericsson Ericsson Certification
ED0-002 Ericsson bts competence exam Ericsson Ericsson Certification
ECP-102 Ericsson Certified Technology - IP Ericsson Ericsson Certified Technology