notes, to strengthen students self-study. Hu Shih even advocated a completely free form of teaching, without a fixed form Developer Specialist of class, but by the students looking for mentors, open bibliography, free study, questioned the hard questions. Although the fixed forms of Informatica Certification classes are not likely to be abandoned, Peking University still created some more flexible teaching methods. If specifically set up a practice class, the class survey and translation of two. The student selects a research topic or an external document, conducts research or translation under the guidance of a teacher, and then reports or responds to the class. Finally, the teacher comprehensively scores the result. Lesson taught Chinese class has always emphasized that the classics to read, such as Shen Yinmos Chinese class is to guide students to read Lu Spring and Autumn , Huainanzi Stratton and other books. With regard to the reform of teaching direction at this point, we can further think from the relationship between university and academy. At that time, though Cai Yuanpei invited Confucius Master Ma Yifu Developer Specialist it exam to lecture at Peking University, he was politely rebuffed by Ma Yifu although Zhang Taiyans disciples were quite influential at Peking University, Cai Yuanpei repeatedly invited Zhang Taiyan to Peking University but was repeatedly rejected although Liang Shuming was invi

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