ere. More than three oclock in the afternoon, on the bridge, stood on the pier a lot of people looked at those passing boats stopped, ready to see some of this boring winter event. Four oclock, a military recruiter came over. As a result, percussion, the primary school literary propaganda team, those red-painted little boys and girls started dancing and singing red silk dance. The loudspeakers at the radio station let the people in the town hear the song of the first year of the year that they wanted to sing Mother relaxed, mother did not worry, honorable military service, but thirty-five autumn. Peach trees in front of the door, blink of an eye over the Cisco Certification wall, hey hey oh oh, in front of a small tree peach, peach back come back I have been accompanied by Ma Connected Grid Shuiqing, but the two wide road without words. When he was about to board the ship, he asked me What to do after you I looked at I do not know either. Marines standing on the top of the ship, with - a field accent said Departure it Departure it Ma Shuiqing clutched my hand and looked at the leader. Get on the boat I said. He released my hand and got on the boat. He did not enter the cabin, but standing in the door reed, as if this noise, all Connected Grid it exam of this population does not exist, but only he - individuals. He just looked at me when I started to solve the cable. He saw me wearing too thin - some, quick

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
650-128 Authorized Connected Grid Account Manager Knowledge Verification Cisco Connected Grid