This will not only increase our interest in life, This is our school for all the courses of a proposition, I hope you pay special attention. Mei Yiqi Education Selected Works 17, Peoples Education Press, 1993 the second year He delivered a speech entitled Professors Responsibility at the opening ceremony. Cisco Virtual Classroom In his speech, he euphemistically criticized some students for their keenness in meeting and publicity, and sincerely pointed out Where the spirit of a school lies not only in the increase of construction equipment, it is really a professors I think the professors responsibility is not enough to guide the students how to study, how to study the science.Any who can make a professor of learning students, will be able to guide students how to be a man, because learning and being a man are two related.Who can sincerely work hard to learn, As a result, their career as an accomplishr of their learning must be accomplished ibid., Pp. 24-25. In recent years, people in China have already heard many famous quotes from Mr. Mei on the so-called college students, non-essential buildings, and the masters. However, many Cisco Virtual Classroom it exam people do not understand that Cisco Certification the masters are all-encompassing, Only such a person can cultivate general education in order to play its role. However, where is our general education Over the years people continue to call on masters, longing for the Nobel Prize, but do not know there is no general education, how can there be a master, not to mention the Nobel Prize. I

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