one of the staff are also not allowed to leave. Law enforcement officers open the filing cabinets and desks and load the documents into cardboard Cisco Specialist it exam boxes. By the end of the afternoon, they shipped more than 300 boxes of documents and records, including the most important material - all the tapes they could find. Baird and Catussiello called their senior investigator Thomas Dunant and asked him to issue a subpoena to Lisa Jones of the Delacayl Burnham Lambert Company. On the day of the raid on Princeton-Newport Investment Partners, Dunant flew to California and then headed to Lisa Joness home. Jones lives in a new upstairs apartment building in the northern suburbs of Los Angeles, when Dunant approaches Jones door, Cisco Certification approaching 10pm. Jones was the embodiment of a hero of personal struggles written by Horatio alger in the 1980s. She ran out of her home in New Jersey at age fourteen and traveled westbound all the way to California to find a cashier of 5,000 a year at a bank by filing her age. She is a high school education, diploma obtained through the study of the same level courses. Now, she is only 25 years old and a trading assistant at the Beverly Hills Division of Drexel Burnham Lambert at an annual salary of 117,000. She is an assistant to Bruce Newberger and only one step away from Milken at work. She arrives at her office at 5.30 a.m. every Cisco Specialist day, writing a job order for Newberg and sending it to various exchanges. Sometimes she has to pick up three calls at a time. She wor

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