ddenly during work hours. They closed the doors of the tailoring and sewing rooms and locked them. Bone driver drove back to where he lives. He passed a police car, but his eyes were always in front of him, so the police officers did not pay any attention to him. On the day of the disaster, the fire spread from the eighth floor, and in a few minutes the entire factory became a sea of fire. Female factory workers want to escape, but because the door was locked and can not Cisco Certification get out. Many are burned to death, and more, some, are still flamed, jumping from a height of a hundred feet and falling to the hard cobblestone ground. In this Triangle licensing garment factory fire, a total of 146 people died. However, when the police were weighing Cisco Security Sales Specialist up the body, how could not find a woman named Esta Wei Laibo. Several witnesses saw her jump out of Cisco Security Sales Specialist it exam the window on the eighth floor. All jumping from people to fall, Aisida no reason to be miraculously survived. The bodies of all the victims were arranged in the streets for their families to identify, and only the remains of the poor Miss Esta did not know where to go. As a result, the body was stolen rumors began to occur, people have rumors of a man was back a large bundle of things to escape.

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646-580 Advanced Security for Account Managers-ASAM Cisco Cisco Security Sales Specialist