are in trouble. Goofy Youre welcome. Deng Zhichun Suddenly hurt feeling Thank you for the last days in the clever to accompany her to bring her Happy. Tears flew up, unable to speak. Deng Zhichun This child is too lonely, really poor ah. Goofy said Gecko is Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist it exam an angel, we are not suitable for such places to retain an angel like her, so she eventually left us. Deng Zhichun smile Your words are very interesting. Goofy, what you need in the future despite opening, Cisco Certification as long as Deng Zhichun can do Goofy I do not need anything, I just want you to put a The strongest Oriental Giants brought to the field, so that Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist we won the championship will be more meaningful. Deng Zhichun Oh Youd be very confident. Goofy I was not a confident man , Is your granddaughter, gave me confidence I have never had. Deng Zhichun is it Well, young man, then we see it in the final match. Back to the attic, flying high in the cage looking at the brother magnolia, gecko is gone, you do not be too sad, to learn to be strong, we live together, okay eat something. Interest is not high, too lazy to care for him. On the roof

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
200-401 Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies Cisco Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist