f Suzhou educated youth. Hao village next to Yau Ma Tei town. Bao Xiaomeng often come to town. Yau Ma Tei - belt, as long as who mentioned the name of Bao Xiaomeng, there is no - a shabby. He said he was extremely powerful, and start fiercely, is to jump in this lead - with the Suzhou youth educated head. The people in this place are afraid of him, from the officials to the common people. These days, he came to the streets every day, but just stood silent watching. When the photos were posted for more than three hours, he pulled away the crowd, torn the photos off one by Cisco Certification one, burned the root matches, and went Cisco Business Value Specialist straight to the townhouse. Hula followed behind - large group of people. Zhenxiu court is standing in front of the town committee compound. Bao Xiaomeng a few big steps up, without any explanation, one to live in Zhen Xiu Ting T-shirt collar sweater. Bao Xiaomeng with the other hand pointing Zhen Xiu Tings nose, said shameless neck collar hand pulled, it will Zhen Xiu Ting T-shirt Cha soon as ripped. The first few crowded in the little boy called tits Tits Everyone saw Zhen Xiu Cisco Business Value Specialist it exam Tings chest. The first time I saw a mans breast even white and tender into that look. Bao Xiaomeng will be Zhen Xiu Ting dragged onto the street, all the way west, straight onto the bridge. Then he confronted the crowd Whose shame

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810-403 Selling Business Outcomes Cisco Cisco Business Value Specialist