bbed each other s hands ran out. As Zhang expected, those guys see the city officials Certified Professional Contracts Manager it exam appear in the alley, have scattered and fled. City officials propped up to be beaten to the ground beggars, asked. Are you all right Take a look. Fortunately, beggars only by some skin trauma, although the body of a green piece of purple, but not beating. Soon, there are two soldiers in charge of the market security came running. Found that beggars juvenile does not matter, Zhang quietly retreated to slip away. No matter what happens, do not have anything to do with the official Ya. These words he has heard in the heaven and earth vegetarian society numerous times, the ears are from the cocoon. If taken to the government office to accept the investigation, there will be exposed to the risk of identity. Although Zhang disregarded the various disciplines of heaven and earth vegetarian society, its own way, but can not do not know the seriousness of the problem. Zhang far looked at beggars juvenile city officials to be taken away, limping to disappear in the alley mouth, this turned to leave. 2 A few days passed. The market is more than usual car, and today in front of the market to hold a display, the exhibition brought the Western businessmen glass products. Therefore, the capital Certified Professional Contracts Manager of a lot of real bone aristocracy have gone to the market to visit. Muluo and NCMA Certification the students who have to rush to the market early to see the We

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