not enter the classroom, sitting in the thick shade of the pond, the heart and hands are a little shaking, until late CPEPS it exam at night on the dark campus, only gently back to the dorm. The next day, I did not dare to look at what happened to Tao CheckPoint Certification Hui after I received the letter. I did not enter the classroom another day. At dusk, I saw Tao Hui on the way to the classroom in my dorm, but it was just a back view. She CPEPS walked forward without looking back. Her back, in my eyes of apprehension and hopelessness, faded away. At this moment, a crow flew to a tree. Then it stands motionless like - just a god bird. At that moment, I suddenly had - a kind of foreboding ocean. Several times I met Qin Qichang in Fu Shaos family. Out the door, and heard the Barbershop Zhuo Si secretively asked me Lin Bing, you are looking for Fu Shao Quan or looking for Qin officers My heart will understand that attic probably about the story. Qin Qichang has a wife, but he does not want that wife. The wife was imposed on him by his parents before he was a soldier. After retiring, Qin Qichang was a

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
156-701.70 Check Point Endpoint Specialist - Secure Access(CPEPS-SA) CheckPoint CPEPS
156-706.70 Check Point Endpoint Specialist - Full Disk Encryption(CPEPS-FDE) CheckPoint CPEPS
156-707.70 Check Point Endpoint Specialist - Management Infrastructure(CPEPS-MI) CheckPoint CPEPS
156-708.70 Check Point Endpoint Specialist - Media Encryption(CPEPS-ME) CheckPoint CPEPS
156-715.70 Check Point Certified Endpoint Expert R70 (Combined SA, FDE, MI, ME) CheckPoint CPEPS