r five-year contract workers are divided into two types, one CMBB is not the life-long system, and the other is the life-long system can be transferred. Still based on official figures for the academic year 1994-95, the percentage of 112,000 university teachers in the country is 60 of tenure, CMBB it exam 39 in contract and 1 in odd jobs. VIII. Tenure of appointment system at Peking Universitys reform plan We can now notice that the reform plan at Peking University just adopted the British system on the appointment system. This kind of temporary workers transformation of university teachers started in the 1990s. As indicated in Article 18 of the Program, Peking University will adopt a three-year contract system for future hiring of teachers. The lecturer will hire up to two contracts for six years, during which time an associate professor will be dismissed. The associate professor of science and engineering then hires up to three contracts In nine years, Associate Professor of Arts employed up to four contracts, Pegasystems Certification that is, twelve years, during which no professors will be dismissed. Since Peking University adopted a three-year contract system at the beginning of the post-reform system of the United Kingdom and designed such a complicated promotion system for example, an associate pr

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