em. Since I came here, put your things to me to see it. Small age, in order to sell things, all the way to go here, even if I eat a little loss, almost words can be considered, you put things Let me see it.People who do business should not be so soft hearted Listen to his tone, as if in great mercy. Zhang said angrily. The last time you sell things from us at low prices, resale to sell at high prices to others, make a good big sum of money, right What a big sum of money now I did not sell CCT Data Center it exam it. More and more worthless, I am CCT Data Center afraid it can change a drink, right Uncle you use a large wok to drink it How much money you earn it you use five money to buy a silver pair of silver earrings, when sold to the people seventy money two pairs of gold earrings, you spend two Cisco Certification Two silver to buy, when sold out is a pair of twelve, the other sold twelve Zhang and where the first road out of selling things, they feel too cheap to sell, so have been hiding in the corner peek at the hawker, until he bought from his own hands all the things sold. Something quickly sold out, so they did not peep for too long. Listen to the words of Zhang, the man a little uneasy, again and again cough for several times. This time we have to earn a cup of wine, right You know, I know, these two little haired little guys, so smart, first look at thi

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010-151 Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) for Data Center Cisco CCT Data Center