felt it, turned around, both eyes on the viewing, seem aggressive. Zhou Ling looked at Guo Jianping, but also remembered yesterday in the playground of the dialogue Guo Jianping Why do the CCIE Security East Giants coach Zhou Ling In order to defeat you, let you know, in fact, you are not even a woman. Guo Jianping I admit, I am not as good as you. Zhou Ling No more than to throw in the towel, which is Guo Jianping it Guo Jianping smiled Im not as good as you, does not mean my team will lose. Zhou Ling Oh Guo Jianping Even if I am willing to admit defeat, these children will not do it. Zhou Ling Well, Id like to see those weak kids who rely on what we have to push the audience tight man-to-man defense, I Would like to see a team that has formed more than a month how to contend with a team of more than 10 years history Guo Jianping will let you see. Tsai hero sitting on the sidelines, look nervous, legs do not live Quivering. Sun Lei patted him in the past Do not be nervous, I tell you a way to relax. He leaned Tsai Ying-shek ear what to say, and then loudly said, silently Cisco Certification 100 times, absolutely effective. Tsai hero closed Eyes, devoutly meditation CCIE Security it exam This years holiday does not receive gifts that do not receive gifts ah ah Rodman leaned Zhou Ling Coach, one thing I have to tell you about wipes on the female bathroom floor Oil that thing Zhou Ling pushed him play Use your goals to tell me. Yes Rodman excitedly waved her fist, ran to play. Basketball was thrown high by the refe

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